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    (She had negotiated his contract of submission, but then repudiated it.) Now, in the new movie, the blank billionaire is back—showing up with romance in mind just as Ana, newly equipped with her English degree, begins her dream job as the assistant to Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), the fiction editor of Seattle Independent Press.

    (Check out the editor’s last name and guess whether he’s a good guy.)Christian offers himself to Ana as if he were a new generation of cell-phone plan—“no rules, no punishment,” no contract.

    Zussman was mentored through her graduate dissertation by Margaret Mead, and in the 1960s learned about sex therapy from Masters and Johnson, the inspiration for the Showtime series Her husband, a gynecologist, performed one of the first legal abortions in New York.

    Here's what she has to say about casual sex, cell phones, and how our hectic work lives are changing our attitudes toward sex. At this stage of our development, we want to cover everything, we want to know everything, we want to do everything, and there’s also [our personal] economy which requires an immense amount of time and effort... The most common problem I see is a lack of desire, a lack of interest.

    During fetal development, the sex determining region of the Y chromosome (SRY) inhibits female internal sexual organ development and induces the development of internal male sexual organs.

    Both guevedoces and normal male fetuses possess functioning SRY. They seem to lack functioning copies of the 5 α-reductase enzyme, which converts testosterone to the biologically active dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

    In the 50-plus years since she began counseling people about all things related to sex, Dr.

    Zussman has witnessed everything from the legalization of the contraceptive birth control pill in 1960 (she started in sex therapy shortly afterwards) to the AIDs epidemic in the 1980s to the rise of internet porn in the new millennium.

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    Zussman is still a practicing sex therapist in New York City.In the absence of DHT, the postnatal external genitalia appear to be an ambiguous clitoris and labia.In the past, guevedoces were automatically regarded as females and raised as such.In the 1970s, Julianne Imperato, Ph D, of Cornell University traveled to the Dominican Republic to investigate claims of young female-appearing children developing masculine features.The locals referred to the phenomena by two names: guevedoces, translated to mean “penis at age twelve,” and machihembras, meaning “first a woman, then a man.” In the following years, reports suggested that this was also common in the Sambian villages of Papua New Guinea, where the locals called these individuals turnims, meaning “expected to become men.” The guevedoces, machihembras, and turnims are born with an XY genotype and both sex chromosomes intact.

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